Hello! I am a writer, poet, promoter and teacher living in Edinburgh. I have a CV that makes me look like a mad dilettante… My bank account is bulimic. My job prospects are bleak. I graduated in the year of a recession. I arrived late at the party, when all the drink was drunk, all the food was scoffed, and some fat bastard was setting fire to the living room. That was an analogy…

These posts are my thoughts on politics, society, and people in general. I try to be a joyful pessimist, rather than a joyless optimist. Sometimes I am a reluctant socialist. Enjoy!


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  1. Rehan Yousuf

    Hi there,

    Hope you don’t mind me emailing you, but I read about you randomly online on the BBC News website about Poetry Day.

    My name is Rehan Yousuf and I am a co-host of a radio show called Asian Connections which goes out for an hour every Monday evening at 9pm on the local community radio station Leith FM, (on 98.8FM). The first segment of the show, (which is about 20-minutes approx), deals with local issues, and in the previous weeks, we’ve had the MP for Edinburgh East come in and talk about anti-social behaviour and last week I interviewed Malcolm Chisholm, the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith talk about a run-down building next to Leith Walk Primary School which was causing consternation in the local community. And we’ve also focused on Leith itself as I also interviewed the owner of Harburn Hobbies.

    I think what you do is awesome and was wondering if you might be interested in me r interviewing you about your poetry? Would you be interested in a live interview or a pre-recorded interview?

    Thanks for your time!

    Best wishes,
    Rehan Yousuf

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